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Appbox.js script allows you to send messages to your online users

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Communicate with active users

Appbox.js allows you to send messages to users while they are using your app.

Fully customizable

Appbox.js is simple and fully customizable so you can control all parts of the experience

Nothing to learn, really

Breeze integration

API based

1. Register for Appbox.js

Email with app_id and secret for the cloud service will be sent to your inbox

Info Message

One email per application You can use your application URL

2. Put Appbox.js code in your HTML pages

Put the following code just before the </body> on your pages. Replace app_id with your application id, and user_id with the current user

Note: appbox.js is dependent on jQuery, please make sure it's available on the page before the appbox.js script

Configuration options

appbox_options = { ... }
Name Value Required
user_id Id of the user currently using the application yes
app_id Application Id yes - provided upon registration
show_indicator When marked message new messages are indicated no - false by default
fetch_interval frequency of new message checks in milliseconds no - defaults to 60 seconds

3. Send message to your users

The easiest way to get started is to install the Appboxjs chrome extension and start sending messages

The other option is to use RESTFull API to create messages

POST message format

The following script will make sure next time Jimmy Page is in front of the application he'll have a message from Robert Plant

POST parameters

The fields which are used to create a new message are:

  • receiver_id - unique id of the receiver. The receiver id should match the user_id defined in the appbox script
  • receiver_name (optional) - display name of the message receiver
  • sender_id - unique id of the sender
  • sender_name - display name of the sender. Will be part of the message signature
  • type (optional, default is info) - message type
  • status (optional, default unread) - message status
  • content - the message content, can contain rich text/html format
  • app_id - application id, this is the application key in appbox.js
  • secret - application secret (provided upon registration), required when creating a new message

Please fill the message details, and click the 'Send me a message' button below

user display name your name in message signature your app name (e.g. Facebook, Google) you know, what you'd like to see... Show Appbox on top menu

Appbox.js is an open-source javascript library hosted here on Github and a free online messaging service which enables application owners to provide superior service to their users, by sending them in-application messages to get them happy and engaged